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Moreover and Datasift at the Strata Conference

If you are heading to O’Reilly’s New York Strata conference this week, make sure to stop by Datasift‘s booth. Moreover’s Jim Collishaw will be there to answer any questions.Datasift
Moreover and Datasift have recently partnered to provide Twitter data via Newsdesk.

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Newsdesk Now Has Twitter and Sentiment Analysis

Read all about it here and contact your account manager if you are interested!

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Newest Newsdesk Features to Go Live

A big thank-you to our development team for continuing to put hard work into all our products. In addition to these features, there are numerous behind the scenes changes to improve the efficiency and user experience.

  • When you click on a saved chart it now shows highlighted in your feed tree,  making it more visible which chart you’ve selected.
  • The refine filter previously known as feed class is now renamed media type.
  • You can sort your search results by media type.

Sort bys

  • You can now add feeds to a newsletter or email alert via the email manager feature.
  • There’s an option to add a link-out top right of the screen so a user can return to their intranet, or any other URL. Talk to Client Services if you are interested!
Custom URL

Here I've added the text "Back to" with a link to our homepage

  • A search engine update means search is a bit faster.
  • The help file now explains which features are dependent on your license following the release of Newsdesk Alert / Corporate / Enterprise.
  • We are rolling out 60 day search for Newsdesk Enterprise and Newsdesk Corporate accounts.

60 Day Search

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But sir, I tweeted in my own time…

Helen Goss of Boyes Turner offers some great advice on how to navigate the murky intersection of work and social media.

As social media marketing and usage increases the definitions of the law in regards to social media abuse will increase and become harsher. In many ways it is the same as in ‘real life’ working arrangements. You cannot simply go around ‘slagging off’ your boss or your company and expect not to be taken to task over it.

Social Media is not to be used for abuse or airing difference. It’s dangerous to both parties.

Bottom line- don’t put things into print about someone that you would not want them reading.

Helen walks through some specific cases of employees and employers using and abusing social media and the resulting court rulings. Definitely worth the read.

Let us know what you think about this in the comments. When should an employee be answerable to their company for their personal posts and tweets?

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Grabbing the Bird by the Horns

Posted by Chad

Anyone can make their very own clone of Twitter, but not everyone has what it takes to confront the Social Media giant head-on. UberMedia, owner of UberSocial and Twidroyd, may be looking to do just that:

According to CNN, UberMedia — the company responsible for UberSocial, Echofon and Twidroyd — is looking into developing its own Twitter-like competitor. CNN cites three people briefed on the matter (but not authorized to speak publicly) as describing the service as a response to some of the most common complaints about Twitter, including restrictions on message length. Read the full post here.

Will anyone people able to displace Twitter from its top spot in the microblogging world?

In other Twitter news: Former CEO says original co-founder didn’t get enough credit

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2010 in trends

As 2010 draws to a close we’re being bombarded with lists and Zeitgeists covering all the various trends from the past twelve months.  From a news point of view global events such as the World Cup and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill really seemed to dominate our online behaviour, both topping out Twitter’s overall trends list and also featuring prominently in the annual Google Zeitgeist.

The overall trends do appear to paint a pretty decent picture of what grabbed our attention over the year, although seeing Justin Bieber in there at number 8 does make you question if we all had a little too much time on our hands in 2010!  Facebook have produced a similar list (#6 Justin Bieber) from the year’s Status Updates and as such the list is distinctly different from those generated by Google and Twitter.  For the full Facebook Memology check out the Facebook blog here.

However, it is not just the social networks making these lists.. the 2010 Zeta Buzz Awards measure the popularity of the Web’s major social media sites over the year.  YouTube and Flickr come out as the big winners, gaining positive mentions 91% and 98% of the time respectively, but further illustrating how the once mighty have fallen both MySpace and Friendster dropped out of the Top 10, and I wouldn’t hold out much hope of them returning in 2011.

How do these findings strike you?  Surprised?  Will Biebermania prove even more popular in 2011?  Let us know your thoughts below!

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CNN’s social stats

CNN have been studying the ‘power of news and recommendation‘ (or ‘Pownar’ for short) looking at how readers share articles through social media and networks.  The research showed that 43% of online sharing came via social media like Facebook and Twitter, followed by email (30%), texting (15%) and instant messaging (12%).

Probably not a huge surprise as we’ve long since seen the growing relationship between traditional and newer media types, perhaps a more interesting aspect of the study was the finding that a rather small set of ‘influencers’ is responsible for the spread of the news.  The findings revealed that 87% of all shared news only accounted for 27% of all users – evidence that a minority of active Web users are driving this sharing of information.  An average user will share 13 articles a week, whilst receiving 26 stories, as highlighted before it is partly this behaviour which has pushed an increase in online news consumption in the United States.

So how do you find yourself sharing online news content? What types of news are you most likely to spread across the Web? Let us know!

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