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Social shifts

Here is a nifty little graphic (click-through to see it in all its glory) from the BBC/Nielsen illustrating the ever-changing landscape of various social media platforms across the globe.

The rise and rise of Facebook seems to be the big story here, with the social network now being home to over half a billion active users, including almost half of the UK population!  Obviously the recent privacy concerns and quit campaigns haven’t hurt the site particularly (I wonder if the forthcoming movie will..) but how long do you think Facebook can stay as the planet’s favourite social network?

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Online news in rude health

Pew Research Center have produced a survey looking at the online habits of teens and young adults, in particular their use of social media and news consumption online. While the survey seems to suggest blogging has plateaued out to become a more niche pursuit, social networking and online news show no signs of waning.

Sixty two percent of teenagers online are currently getting their news-fix over the Internet, a stat that peaks at 77% during major news events. This compares favorably with the 72% of online adults who access the Web for news or political information.

While blogging (15% of youngsters) and Tweeting (8% of teens) don’t look to be capturing the imagination of the young, social networking certainly has. A whopping 73% of wired American teens now use social networking sites (up from 55% three years ago), similarly 72% of online young adults also such sites, both being significantly higher than the 40% of adults who do so.

Overall the survey produces an interesting snapshot of web usage among the young, and it’ll be interesting to see how these trends continue to shift in the future especially as sites like Facebook continue to integrate online news.

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London calling? More likely Digging, tweeting and poking

London callingLooks like Londoners love social media, with Twitter’s Evan Williams already declaring London as the “top Twitter-using city” now Digg has revealed that almost ten percent of its traffic comes from the UK capital.

London already enjoys its position as Facebook’s largest geographical network and the United Kingdom as a whole is second only to the US when it comes to traffic to these social networks reports The Telegraph.

It doesn’t matter if you’re tweeting in London, Little Rock or La Paz there will always been someone to connect with, and as a social media monitoring provider it’s our job to make sure we’re listening to the most relevant conversations across the globe.

Londoners are we driving the adoption of these exciting new technologies or just taking advantage of the office tea break?! Leave us a comment below or send us a tweet @moreovertech

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Online with the Net Generation

The USA Today has produced an interesting article looking at the rise (and rise) of social media and networking amongst Generation Y, increasingly known as the Net Generation. If you’ve only momentarily broken away from Mafia Wars on Facebook, or tweeting on your iPhone, to read this post then I’m sure plenty of this sounds pretty familiar!

The article touches upon the buzz topic that is the Real-time Web, something very close to our hearts here at Moreover, although in part illustrating it as ‘the obsessive use of PCs or cellphones for quick interactions and dips into the online information stream’.

As Web 2.0 matures into the Web Squared, with the Web become more conversational, it’s no surprise that real-time search has fast become such a hot topic and social media has changed the way we communicate – any Net Geners out there struggling to switch off?!

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