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“Qs” to help evaluate social media monitoring aggregators

Posted by Chad

Transparency and track record are extremely important criteria for selecting and staying with a social media monitoring and aggregation company. Anyone can make any claims about anything at any time, but how do they document them?

It’s a very slippery slope, as social media monitoring aggregator’s work 24/7 to find and promote their latest competitive edge. As everyone knows, the more you’re scrambling for the top spot, the greater the likelihood of exaggerated or downright false claims.

That said, there are three “Qs” that will help define the best social media monitoring solution  partner for you. They are: Quantity, Quality, Questioning.

Quantity & Quality

This is much trickier than it seems at first glance. For example, Moreover Technologies, just achieved a milestone of actively monitoring 2.5 million-plus independent social media feeds. That’s more than triple the 750,000 active feeds just a year ago, and positions Moreover Technologies as a strong force in the social media monitoring space.

But quantity without quality means nothing. You can have the highest quantity in the world, but if a substantial portion of the feeds are spam, dead blogs and adult blogs, you’re working at cross-purposes. It makes it that much harder to find real-time relevant information.

So, while we are adding to the total feed base, we’re also deleting material that doesn’t meet our spam-free White List standards. In fact, we just eliminated 125,000 feeds that had not posted in the last six months or were not posting original content.


Don’t take our claims or anyone else’s at face value. This is where transparency and track record become very important. A legitimate claim should be factually provable via some type of transparent data. For example, we can document our total number of feeds, and show you the ones that we’ve taken off the White List.

Track record brings historical performance data into view. If a company has a long history of providing accurate and verifiable information, it enhances the likelihood of a continuing tradition. On the other hand, if a company hasn’t been around long enough to have amassed a substantial track record, or has been called out for providing inflated data, it’s more likely to continue this process. After all, habits—both good and bad—are hard to break.

By seeking to understand quantity and quality of the social media monitoring data provided, then asking lots of questions to verify legitimacy and long-term consistency, you will get a social media monitoring solution that will perform today, tomorrow, and long beyond.

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Moreover’s Million

Hot on the heels of our recent announcement concerning a whopping 390% increase in the number of social media sources we monitor we’re pleased to say ain’t finished there.. This week our social media sources numbered over one million for the first time, grabbing around 1.5m individual posts a day, looking something like this :

We fully intend to keep driving forward not only with our social media sources, but news as well, and ensure we offer the most complete media monitoring solution out there. So thanks to the Team for all their hard work in getting us here and we’re already looking forward to the next million!

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Social media monitoring on the up

Integrated Marketing Solutions provider Alterian have released a pertinent study into the approaches and investments that marketers are presently utilising to work with their clients.

The CEO gives an interesting quote, stating “2010 marks the start of the digital decade for marketing” with the study going on to show that 66% of all those surveyed are planning to invest in social media marketing in the coming 12 months. The report also touches upon the growth of social media monitoring, with almost 40% of respondents intending to spend on social media tracking tools as we enter the new decade.

Alterian reflects upon the growing understanding that a forward thinking marketing strategy now has to listen to potential customers, especially if a ROI in social media is to be realised, with marketers now being required to appeal to customers at a one-to-one level. A growing power shift that is seeing more control in the hands of the consumer as networks of friends and influence continue to evolve over social networks.

For a full breakdown and details of the survey, sign up here.

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The how and the why of social media monitoring

Sifting through news and blogs, as we like to do here at Moreover, we’ve found this great post on the ROI social media on What Was I Thinking? blog. The post gives a great overview of the many facets of social media, the measurements and metrics around it and the value in social media monitoring for your company’s brand.

The post serves as an excellent resource for anyone interested, or yet to be convinced by, the power of social media and the benefits to be gained from a coherent strategy around it.

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MSM09 wrap-up

Our Social Times have posted a great digest of resources and photos from this week’s Monitoring Social Media event which is well worth checking out here. Many thanks to Luke and the team for making everything run so smoothly and we look forward to the next time!

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The present of social media monitoring

The dust is settling on yesterday’s Monitoring Social Media conference #msm09, so after many insightful and intellectual speakers it is time to ponder on what social media monitoring offers us now and where it can grow in the future.

The value of social media lies in people, as consumers help to shape or influence reputation it’s clear that media has already changed. While conversations occur around products or brands the key is knowing where these are happening, your role in them and which conversations you should be involved in. This is the value of listening, what issues matter to your customers and what drives that passion on particular subjects.

A great quote from yesterday was “Social media is word of mouth on crack” (I believe original credit for this goes to Scott Seaborn), and if you’re not sure what that means just ask Domino’s Pizza. It can work both ways though, as smart brands will use social media to involve and cultivate a fan base as well as to identify risks and improve their products.

While the case for listening may be strong, the case against such monitoring tools was also a point of discussion with Asi Sharabi’s controversial blog post inspiring a lively panel debate. No solution (right now anyway) is perfect and the current limitations in technology are important to discuss, along with the many strengths and benefits. All this can only be advantageous as we move forward and the social media monitoring industry matures. Social media is fundamentally changing the way we do business, while change can often be a challenge, the social Web is here now for the long term and the sooner we can integrate it into our business intelligence solutions the sooner we can all profit from it.

MSM09 has already sparked a spirited conversation here at Moreover Towers, as we look to continue growing and innovating in the space, we’d love to hear from you if you attended the event or have any words of wisdom on the subject, if so drop us a line in the comments below!

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The future of social media monitoring


Monitoring Social Media 09 is taking place in London early next week, a first of its kind event for Europe, bringing together leading marketing professionals, brand managers and the virtuosos in the field of Social Media Monitoring.

The Moreover delegation are ready and raring to go, with over ten years experience in the business of media monitoring we look forward to the joining in the debate and offering some intellect of our own. Key speakers include Matt Atkinson, CEO of EHS Brann, and Paul Alexander from Beyond Analysis with host Luke Brynley-Jones giving his views on the inspiration behind and aims of the event at ‘we are social’ blog here.

We’d love to hear from anyone else attending in the comments below, any particular highlights you are looking forward to? And should you be unable to attend remember to check-in at the Moreover Blog over the latter half of next week for our thinking and thoughts on what promises to be a very influential meeting.

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