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Gotaweekend? Getafriend and get away with Getamap

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Do you have a couple of days and nothing to do? Head on over to Survey Ordnance’s website and check out their Getamap feature. It’s great for planning day trips. Choose the place you want to go and see information about things to do and places to see. Get driving directions and weather forecasts as well.

Getamap also has local news headlines powered by none-other than Moreover Technologies. It’s a great example of combining real time news and geolocation. Just one of the many applications of Search Engine Toolkit.

Getamap screenshot

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Moreover Technologies grows social media sources 390% in a year

Aggregation pioneer marks one-year milestone with new Social Media Metabase portal, expanded news coverage, new search engine tools, new publisher product, new mobile app

Reston, VA—Aggregation pioneer Moreover Technologies has moved aggressively on their mission to solidify the top spot in breadth and depth of social media and news capabilities in the year since a private investment group acquired the company from VeriSign, Inc.

According to company President Paul J. Farrell, investment team leader, “The ink on the May 2009 acquisition contract wasn’t even dry when a product team started expanding our social media and news presence to help our clients monitor what’s happening, identify trends, and use the information to enhance their customer support and marketing services. This was one facet of an overall strategy to address many challenges at once, beefing up combined news and social media monitoring and improving our analytical tools.”

Leading the way is a newly launched Social Media Metabase business intelligence portal with expanded content filtering, sharing and analysis tools. This repository includes 976,000 spam-free, editorially reviewed White List feeds providing 1.4 million average daily posts refined from more than 12 million sources. “We cover all the Web’s most prominent social media sources, commentators and discussions,” notes Product Manager Brian Mackie. “A year ago, the Metabase contained 250,000 feeds, chiefly blogs and podcasts, with 500,000 posts. That’s a 280 percent increase in posts coupled with a 390 percent increase in sources.”

Moreover’s social media universe includes forums, microblogs, consumer review sites, video and photo sharing sites, wikis, social networks and comments, including such key sites as YouTube and Twitter.

The new Metabase portal provides detailed source lists and indexing statistics, giving customers more detailed insight into coverage. Other enhancements include comprehensive categorization and metadata tying to country, language, publishing platform, topic and media type. Quantity of tagged feeds, and countries, languages and platforms covered is constantly growing. Currently, Moreover indexes more than 100 countries and 50 languages.

Also noteworthy is the impending combination of the Social Media Metabase and News Metabase into one portal. “Having the news and social media all in one place will provide clients the ability to understand connections between the content. This shows metrics we can support, analysis of data returned, most linked sources, and the most salient pieces,” emphasizes Mackie.

News coverage also is up considerably, with 218 percent growth in average daily article count to 600,000 from 275,000; and with a 15 percent increase to 35,000 sources.

Farrell notes, “To help fuel our growth, Moreover has more than doubled the size of our client service team, enabling our clients to filter through all the noise and identify the information they are seeking.”

Moreover Technologies’ Search Engine Toolkit (SET) now offers a search API across all news and social media types (versus just news a year ago), offering “direct query access to our index for custom feeds and search implementations,” says Mackie. “It’s fairly plug-and-play, and goes in some pretty fancy directions. We can provide very specific content by topic, news and social classifications.”

Other value-added applications, such as Moreover’s Newsdesk, sit on top of SET. Newsdesk provides an intuitive dashboard that enables access to breaking Web news and fast creation of branded information-sharing tools such as newsletters.

Responding to publisher interest in monitoring and complementing how and where their Web content appears, Moreover Technologies has developed the MetaMonitor content discovery application. MetaMonitor enables publishers to compare and contrast details of original and republished content.It’s a great analytical tool for publishers,” notes Farrell.

Rounding out first-year accomplishments, Moreover Technologies also launched an iPhone application as part of a wider mobile strategy.

For more information, contact Ryan Roe at salesinfo(at)moreover(dot)com.


Since 1998, Moreover Technologies has been a trusted aggregator of global news and social media. Through US and UK offices, the firm offers corporate customers worldwide direct access to comprehensive, yet targeted, real-time business and consumer information from the Web’s most read and respected sources. Daily, Moreover Technologies aggregates two million news articles and social media posts from more than a million editorially vetted sources across 100+ countries, 50+ languages and 800+ searchable industry categories (statistics as of June 2010).

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Moreover’s search engine service gets blogs

We’re pleased to announce that blogs are now available with the Moreover search engine service (see Search Engine Toolkit).  Alongside news sources you can search across the latest blog posts from the Moreover White List of approx. 250,000 blogs. Search across the title, and/or the post’s text, slice by rank or topic, apply relevancy filters, set a time range, and a whole host of other filters and options.

With the toolkit you basically get API access to our news+blogs search engine. Customers can completely white label search engine features and imbed them within their applications and UI. Effectively it outsources news aggregation and search engine development so you can focus on the actual delivery of services to your customers and users. Case in point: BusinessWeek’s BusinessExchange – interweaving Moreover-fed news links across their universe of topics.

For our free RSS feed loving folk – we’ll be adding blogs alongside news there too in the near future, so stay tuned!

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Moreover Technologies is a 2011 SIIA CODiE Awards Finalist

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