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RSS remains robust

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RWW posted an engaging piece just before Christmas on the gradual ebbing away of the usage of RSS Readers as a means of consuming information, you can read that post here.

However, the ensuing debate and the new year have seen a new appreciate for our old friend Really Simple Syndication. Whilst it remains clear that Google sits firmly atop the RSS Reader pile people are still using RSS feeds as a handy and functional way of to keep up with news.

Readers still offer users a degree of control over content that you just don’t get with real-time streams, such as Twitter, although lists are a step in that direction. The categorisation and control that RSS Readers offer is invaluable to some, and as Readers continue to evolve, especially in the mobile space, I’m sure they will continue to have a future.

What RSS Readers do you use, any favourites? Don’t forget to check out the free Moreover RSS news feeds for content on a wide range of topics from news and blogs.

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RWW reviews 2009

ReadWriteWeb has compiled a handful of lists showcasing their selection of the best products of the past year. You can catch the full complement of lists here : and one thing interesting to note is just how many of the products are influencing or being influenced by one of 2009’s hot trends real-time.

The two lists we’re particularly grabbed by are Semantic Web Products and our old friends RSS & Syndication Technologies. The usual suspects of Facebook and Twitter unsurprising make the syndication list, along with Tweetdeck as the leading stream reader application. It’s also good to see PubSubHubbub and RSS Cloud included too as they’re both technologies we’d expect to see become integral to the Real-time Web in 2010.

The Top 10 Semantic Web Products of 2009 includes a partner company of Moreover, OpenCalais, so we’d also like to show our appreciation of the Thomson Reuters service by congratulating them for a well deserved place in the 2009 list, looking forward to further innovation well into 2010 and beyond. The US government portal, also on the list, is an example of a topic we’ve touched upon before with Tim Berners-Lee and his championing of Linked Data, in that respect is certainly a move in the right direction.

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Kick-off the season with Moreover feeds

As football fans across the UK, and the world, get ready for the start of the new Premier league season we would like to remind you of the best place to check all the latest news and transfer gossip from your team.

Subscribe to Moreover’s free RSS news feeds to read up on all the action, from Michael Owen’s first United injury goal to who tops the table come May. If you’ve any thoughts on the feeds or don’t see your team (sorry, no Football League teams just yet) then drop us a comment below.

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Moreover’s free RSS feeds now includes blogs

We’ve just added blogs to the free Moreover RSS feeds pages. The blog search runs over the latest posts from around 250,000 blogs, i.e. those on the UGC Metabase White List.  You can use the sliders to increase the relevancy and quality of the search results, for example slide the sources filter to the right and you’ll just get results from top blogs (using Moreover’s feedRank).

Blog search and RSS feeds


You can also select one of the prebuilt feed categories and search within that – by sticking to a predefined universe of content you can get even more specific with your results.  The full list of the new blog feeds is also on the prebuilt feeds page, just click the green RSS icons,

free blog RSS feeds

We hope you like these latest additions! Let us know if you have any comments, we love to hear from you, or if you’ve got a blog you want us to include in the search just drop us a line with the address.

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Moreover for finding “incredible content”

A nice mention on Search Engine Journal of the free RSS feeds, as a way for finding great content –

Thanks Search Engine Journal!  Good feedback too about finding the right content, we’ll continue to work on those features. In the meantime users can adjust relevancy of the results with the two slider bars there – the relevancy filter looks for articles that mention your search keywords the most, while the sources filter lets you select just top sources. You can also search within any of the prebuilt news categories.

free feeds screenshot

At the moment it’s just news but we’ll be adding blogs soon, check back in the next week or two.

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Updated news search and RSS feeds

We’ve tweaked the free RSS feeds section on our site and made it a bit more friendly to use. 

But the big new thrill is that you can run your keyword searches over our 600 news categories (‘woods’ over golf news, ‘black hole’ over space science news, etc) and effectively use the categories to filter the news for very targeted results.

screenshot rss feed builder

new rss feed search 


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New city feeds, Jack

We’ve added a bunch of new US city feeds to our list of news categories –


Anchorage news
Austin news
Charlotte news
Cincinnati news
Cleveland-Akron news
Colorado Springs news
El Paso news
Fresno news
Hampton Roads news
Honolulu news
Jacksonville news
Louisville news
Nashville news
Portland-Salem news
Raleigh-Durham news
Sacramento news
Silicon Valley news

The total feed count is now 630, though with the search option you can obviously create your own, as many as you like.  Missing any cities from the list? Send us a note via the feedback page!

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Moreover Technologies is a 2011 SIIA CODiE Awards Finalist

RSS Editor’s Pick…

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