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Relevant Results on real-time search

(photo credit Michel Filion)

Relevant Results blog, part of the CNET News site, have posted a thorough and engaging piece on the current state of the real-time Web.

It is interesting to see how the major search engines are filtering real-time results, determining what is relevant and when real-time search becomes important. As summed up by Tom Krazit on Relevant Results:

The major search players have the luxury of comparing spikes in their search query logs with spikes in certain topics from the feeds they receive from real-time information sources like Twitter. When activity around the same topic is spiking on both search query traffic and real-time publishing platforms, the search companies know something is happening.

Moving from here, the point when a significant event is happening, to deciding which post, Tweets and news articles are most pertinent is the real trick of real-time. As the search engines get to grips with relevancy in this respect, it is clear that a myriad of factors from quality of Followers to semantic estimates will need to be taken into consideration.

With Bing, Google, and Yahoo all throwing their weight behind real-time search, doing deals with the various platforms, then we can expect to see our search results evolve over time:

So if search engines are to remain relevant themselves, they’ll need to make sense of this content. And unless social-media networks are able to make their content discoverable, they won’t turn into the types of content-discovery engines that their public-relations people like to imagine are already here.

For a wider picture on the state of real-time, we recommend you check out the full article here and let us know you thoughts in the comments below.

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Eyeing up real-time search

Real-time search has become an increasingly popular web trend over the past twelve months, one we’ve covered a number of times here on the blog, so it was of little surprise when the major search engines started integrating Twitter and the likes into their search results. What is a little surprising however though is the impact, or lack of, these real-time results are so far having on our searching habits.

Oneupweb have carried out an eye-opening eye-tracking study into the effectiveness of real-time web search results. The study split a group of users into “consumers” searching for products you would consider buying or “foragers” looking for current news and information on a topic. The results were mixed to say the least:

73% had never heard of real-time results before participating this study.

Only a quarter of the consumers cared for the real-time results compared to 47% of the information foragers.

The report also showed the users took more than ten seconds to to settle their gaze on the real-time results, but the foragers were more willing to spend time on the page which could be indicative of their willingness to consider more options before clicking and hence their increased likelihood to test the real-time results.

So the results perhaps don’t show real-time search to be quite as popular as the buzz may suggest – not yet anyway, but as users adapt the social aspect of search will become ever more relevant as real-time becomes a reality.

March 10, 2010 at 2:41 pm 2 comments

RWW reviews 2009

ReadWriteWeb has compiled a handful of lists showcasing their selection of the best products of the past year. You can catch the full complement of lists here : and one thing interesting to note is just how many of the products are influencing or being influenced by one of 2009’s hot trends real-time.

The two lists we’re particularly grabbed by are Semantic Web Products and our old friends RSS & Syndication Technologies. The usual suspects of Facebook and Twitter unsurprising make the syndication list, along with Tweetdeck as the leading stream reader application. It’s also good to see PubSubHubbub and RSS Cloud included too as they’re both technologies we’d expect to see become integral to the Real-time Web in 2010.

The Top 10 Semantic Web Products of 2009 includes a partner company of Moreover, OpenCalais, so we’d also like to show our appreciation of the Thomson Reuters service by congratulating them for a well deserved place in the 2009 list, looking forward to further innovation well into 2010 and beyond. The US government portal, also on the list, is an example of a topic we’ve touched upon before with Tim Berners-Lee and his championing of Linked Data, in that respect is certainly a move in the right direction.

December 8, 2009 at 1:14 pm 1 comment

Digg joins real-time trend

Social news pioneer Digg has joined the likes of Twitter and YouTube by adding it’s own real-time feed to the site homepage calling the feature (drumroll please..) Digg Trends.

The feature works by by identifying those stories that are generating a significant buzz, and then displaying them on the homepage for keen Diggers to either Digg or bury an article over a ten minute window. Based on the community decision during that time frame the fate of the story will be assured.

As real-time search and trends become increasingly popular it’s good to see another social media stalwart join the party. You can check the latest trending stories over on Twitter to join in the fun, and should a Moreover blog post ever reach the dizzy heights of Digg Trends remember to Digg, Digg, Digg!

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Eric Schmidt talks real-time and evolution of the Web

When the CEO of Google speaks, the rest of the Web tends to listen so when Eric Schmidt gave a recent interview at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo Orlando 2009 it is fair to say he raised some interesting points for anyone in the industry.

The entire forty five interview can been seen below, which Schmidt touches upon a number of topics from the forthcoming Chrome OS to the future of super-fast broadband, but our interest was piqued by the discussion on the Real-time search and social media.

Schmidt discusses the value of real-time information sources, which is more than just Twitter and Facebook, with the big challenge not being a question of indexing this data but how to rank and sort it. As we see such a huge increase in social media content it changes the way people consume information and Schmidt believes that “the great challenge of the age” is learning how to rank it all.

Do you think Google is up to the challenge or have Bing stolen a march on the Mountain View giant here?

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SMX East talks real-time search

The recent SMX East expo included what looks like a fascinating discussion on the hype, deserved or not, that is real-time search moderated by Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan.

The teams over at Bruce Clay and Hudson Horizons have both done great jobs of covering the event, kicking-off with Danny tackling the question of “What is real-time search, really?”

He answered by stating real-time is all about getting content within seconds of being published, Twitter being the obvious leader here, so real-time search it can be argued is all about finding microblogged content. This is potentially where the value lies, making sense and ranking the various results in a clean form. As a number of other panelists went on to give their take on real-time it’s interesting to read the range of perspectives and opportunity that people see in the technology.

The future of real-time and news, not just delivery but how the two link together is something we’re excited by at Moreover – what value do you see in real-time?

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Online with the Net Generation

The USA Today has produced an interesting article looking at the rise (and rise) of social media and networking amongst Generation Y, increasingly known as the Net Generation. If you’ve only momentarily broken away from Mafia Wars on Facebook, or tweeting on your iPhone, to read this post then I’m sure plenty of this sounds pretty familiar!

The article touches upon the buzz topic that is the Real-time Web, something very close to our hearts here at Moreover, although in part illustrating it as ‘the obsessive use of PCs or cellphones for quick interactions and dips into the online information stream’.

As Web 2.0 matures into the Web Squared, with the Web become more conversational, it’s no surprise that real-time search has fast become such a hot topic and social media has changed the way we communicate – any Net Geners out there struggling to switch off?!

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