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Blogging bits and bobs

A few pieces of news caught our eyes this morning, all on the same subject – that of blogging.  Wired blog, Epicenter, picked up on the Pew Research Center report that blogging amongst younger people is on the wane but is also quick to point out that although blogging, as defined in the early 2000s, might be slowing, information-sharing and other “blog like” activities are stronger than ever.

Which seamlessly carries us into the news that blogging tool of the moment, Tumblr, has raised an extra $30 million in funding.  Tumblr has been a perfect example of how blogging continues to evolve and change, so to see them get this Sequoia Capital investment will only serve to push that innovation further and perhaps see “lifestreaming” overtake blogging on the Web.

How has your blogging behaviour changed over the years?  Have the newer microblogging tools taken the place in your heart of more standard blogging platforms.. let us know below!

December 20, 2010 at 4:24 pm 2 comments

Pew Research sees online news flourish

The Pew Research Center, a US Think Tank based in Washington D.C., have published a report into how people are consuming news showing a shift from print to the Web.  This follows up an earlier Pew study we blogged about back in February, examining the relationships between youngsters and online behaviours.

With the decline around traditional media being widely reported, it seems that the digital world is more than capable in filling those gaps.  Around a third of participants went online for news, which is slightly higher than those reading it in print and the same numbers as news radio, however if you broaden that to include mobile, email, and social media then the figure rises to 44% of Americans getting their news digitally.  Of course I fully expect the Moreover iPhone sport news app to be making up a healthy proportion of that number..

The table (left) breaks it down nicely, illustrating the general upward trend for digital content and the more mixed curves for traditional media, television still being our chief source of news.  As much as anything else a report like this shows how we are now consuming information from a wealth of differing outlets – 36% of Americans reported getting news from mixed sources, compared with a marginally higher 39% relying solely on traditional.

Overall this can only be a good thing for users and publishers, as we are offered more ways to consume news and as such have increased our time spent with the news.  Check at the full report here at Pew Research, and let us know below in the comments how you see the shift in media consumption patterns affecting the ways you read the news.

September 14, 2010 at 12:57 pm 4 comments

Online news in rude health

Pew Research Center have produced a survey looking at the online habits of teens and young adults, in particular their use of social media and news consumption online. While the survey seems to suggest blogging has plateaued out to become a more niche pursuit, social networking and online news show no signs of waning.

Sixty two percent of teenagers online are currently getting their news-fix over the Internet, a stat that peaks at 77% during major news events. This compares favorably with the 72% of online adults who access the Web for news or political information.

While blogging (15% of youngsters) and Tweeting (8% of teens) don’t look to be capturing the imagination of the young, social networking certainly has. A whopping 73% of wired American teens now use social networking sites (up from 55% three years ago), similarly 72% of online young adults also such sites, both being significantly higher than the 40% of adults who do so.

Overall the survey produces an interesting snapshot of web usage among the young, and it’ll be interesting to see how these trends continue to shift in the future especially as sites like Facebook continue to integrate online news.

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