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New Newsdesk Features Already Live

These are the new features that were rolled out earlier today. Thanks to our Development and QA teams for their hard work!

  • User Comments in Newsletters. Share comments from users in your email Alerts and Newsletters, and add the company’s view to news events. It’s easy to edit the styling to match your template.

Newsletter Comments

  • Improved Dashboards. Share feeds between Group Dashboards and My Dashboard and collaborate on charts saved to a Group Dashboard.

improved dashboards

  • Better Broadcast. Video thumbnails now make scanning Broadcast search results easier. Click on a search result to go to the relevant portion of the media clip. Click on a section of the transcript to jump to that part of the clip.

Broadcast result

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New Newsdesk Features Going Live 13 March ’12

We have been hard at work improving Newsdesk and this is what is coming your way!

Better Sharing with Group Dashboards.

Pre-configure and share dashboard views with the company or particular user groups, and share all the most relevant news across the company.

Add Insight to Media Coverage.

You can now add your own commentary to news articles, allowing you to give the company’s view on events and encourage employee participation.

The new comments feature can also be used to facilitate closer collaboration within teams working on media monitoring projects.

New user comments

Article URLs Now in Analytics Data Export.

Newdesk’s Analytics Data Download feature now includes article URLs for even more detailed offline media analysis.

These latest enhancements will be available from next Tuesday with Newsdesk Corporate and Newsdesk Enterprise editions, at no additional cost.

To take advantage of the new features or if you have any questions, just contact your Client Services Representative.

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Moreover Newsdesk New Features Update 01 Dec ’11

We had our usual Newsdesk bi-weekly point release yesterday, here’s the summary…

  • We’ve added user-level usage info to the new Admin section, showing nr of saved feeds / dashboard widgets / exported feeds / email alerts / newsletters
  • Broadcast clips now show on a newly designed, much nicer looking page, with transcript text next to the  clip. You can search US and UK broadcast alongside any other media type such as online news, blogs, social media or PDF print.

Newsdesk broadcast clip example

  • On internal systems, we’ve extended premium content permissioning options down to user level (previously were at global account level), meaning specific users within an organization can receive licensed premium content while other users just access the standard search.
  • Searching over blogs now includes blog comments where available (you can exclude them via the Refine panel)
  • Various cosmetic improvements:
    • The relevancy slider now sits at the top of the Refine panel
    • The search result counts now show large numbers with commas (or dots depending on country)
    • We trimmed the little button cluster at the top of the Refine panel section so it’s cleaner
    • The row heights in the email / newsletter / email manager lists are now nicely uniform
  • You can now add a Yammer widget to your Dashboard showing latest colleague comments  – just go to the “My Content” folder’s drop-down menu to add it (an optional feature for those with a Yammer account)

We hope you like the latest additions. If you’re not a client and want to find out more then here’s the link. Ciao for now!

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Moreover Newsdesk New Features Update 17 Nov ’11

Here’s an update on the latest feature enhancements from yesterday’s Newsdesk point release.

Content is indeed king in the world of media intelligence (as indeed Bill Gates mused in 1996), so we put some of our attention this sprint on helping customers see exactly which sources we cover and how we rank them.

Here’s the full summary:

  • A brand new “Coverage” section: A whole new area devoted to showing clients exactly which sources we index, and how we classify them, adding context to media analytics and giving confidence that we have key media covered.  We’ll be building this out in the coming weeks to add more info and global harvesting stats.

Moreover Newsdesk Source Detail

  • Yammer and Twitter integration: Now you can post links to Yammer, the enterprise social network service. You can also Tweet articles.

    Moreover Newsdesk Yammer Post

  • Spanish helpfile: The helpfile is now available in Spanish, completing the Spanish user interface we released two weeks ago.
  • A new Usage Stats section:  We’ve also introduced a new stats section for Newsdesk admin users. Now you can see login activity across the account, view active users, and help get a gauge on ROI.

We hope you like the latest installment. If you’re not a client and want to find out more then here’s the link. Talk to you again in two weeks time!

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Latest Newsdesk Features Live

Moreover has just released the latest batch of updates for Newsdesk. These are in addition to efficiency tweaks and other improvements always going on behind the scenes.

Better French and Spanish language support

There are now more refine panel features for French and Spanish language articles. Check out People, Companies, Organizations, and Product.

In the analytics tab: People, Companies, Organizations, and Products are available for Theme Cloud charts for French and Spanish language articles. You can also download that data into an Excel file.

Even more refine panel goodies

There’s a great new refine option called “Category” in the Refine Panel, letting you filter by nearly 800 different topics, including industry, finance, technology, science and consumer categories. This is the same list of categories available in the advanced filter. These run over all media types, English language only.

No more IE Nein

Good news for Windows 7 users! Newsdesk now supports the Internet Explorer 9.

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Newest Newsdesk Features to Go Live

A big thank-you to our development team for continuing to put hard work into all our products. In addition to these features, there are numerous behind the scenes changes to improve the efficiency and user experience.

  • When you click on a saved chart it now shows highlighted in your feed tree,  making it more visible which chart you’ve selected.
  • The refine filter previously known as feed class is now renamed media type.
  • You can sort your search results by media type.

Sort bys

  • You can now add feeds to a newsletter or email alert via the email manager feature.
  • There’s an option to add a link-out top right of the screen so a user can return to their intranet, or any other URL. Talk to Client Services if you are interested!
Custom URL

Here I've added the text "Back to" with a link to our homepage

  • A search engine update means search is a bit faster.
  • The help file now explains which features are dependent on your license following the release of Newsdesk Alert / Corporate / Enterprise.
  • We are rolling out 60 day search for Newsdesk Enterprise and Newsdesk Corporate accounts.

60 Day Search

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Latest Newsdesk Features to Go Live

We’ve got Twitter!

  • We are now able to serve selected Twitter content streams to individual clients in partnership with DataSift. Clients should ask their account manager for details.
  • Tweets are displayed in a Tweet-friendly format, allowing you to click through on hashtags, bitly links and @ mentions.
  • We’re also showing Klout scores for Twitter users where available.

FAQs and Training Schedules

The help file now has a new FAQ and an customer online training session schedule.

Analytics Updates

Charts in Analytics now acknowledge any deleted articles.

Submit Your Feedback

There’s a brand new user feedback forum, so users can submit and share their product feedback directly and vote on the feature ideas of others.

Feedback page

Let us know what you think, and don’t forget to submit your feature ideas via the new feedback area in Newsdesk.

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