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Blogging bits and bobs

A few pieces of news caught our eyes this morning, all on the same subject – that of blogging.  Wired blog, Epicenter, picked up on the Pew Research Center report that blogging amongst younger people is on the wane but is also quick to point out that although blogging, as defined in the early 2000s, might be slowing, information-sharing and other “blog like” activities are stronger than ever.

Which seamlessly carries us into the news that blogging tool of the moment, Tumblr, has raised an extra $30 million in funding.  Tumblr has been a perfect example of how blogging continues to evolve and change, so to see them get this Sequoia Capital investment will only serve to push that innovation further and perhaps see “lifestreaming” overtake blogging on the Web.

How has your blogging behaviour changed over the years?  Have the newer microblogging tools taken the place in your heart of more standard blogging platforms.. let us know below!

December 20, 2010 at 4:24 pm 2 comments

Social Media Portal ponderings…

As we are all rather pleased with our new beaming Social Media Metabase Portal then it can only be expected that we’re keen to put it through its paces and see what interesting stats are possible to glean from it.

Of interest is to take a quick look at the figures surrounding the major blogging platforms. In particular, five of the bigger ones, namely WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, LiveJournal and MySpace. One comparison being to look at is the average number posts per feed over the last 30 days for each platform:

  • Blogger : 0.46
  • LiveJournal : 0.25
  • MySpace : 0.08
  • TypePad : 0.42
  • WordPress : 0.45

As can be seen Blogger, TypePad and WordPress all run pretty close when it comes to the average post count, with LiveJournal lagging somewhat behind, and MySpace propping up the list averaging just 0.08 posts per feed a day. As MySpace is primarily a social networking service, rather than blogging platform, it is less surprising to see it coming in at the bottom there but anyone care to speculate why LiveJournal users seem to be less prolific bloggers than the rest?

If we then compare similar figures from blogs to microblogs, we see a real contrast between the two feed classes:

In terms of raw figures microblogs make up just over 7.5% of the feed count, when compared with blogs, but return a whopping 69% percent of the posts in the same comparison. Or blogs return an average of 0.43 posts per feed daily and microblogs a hefty 12.45 average daily posts. The very nature of the two media types offers a simple explanation behind the stats here, but it still remains a fascinating comparison between the ease and simplicity of microblogging when set against the more considered nature of blogging.

With plenty of other trends and number crunching possible with the portal we keep an eye out for any figures that grab us and be sure to share!

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Blogging bounces back

We posted a few months ago on the growing trend away from blogging and increasing popularity of ‘lifestreaming’ services such as Tumblr and Twitter. 2009 has certainly been the year of Twitter but perhaps it is slightly too soon to proclaim the death of blogs if comScore’s October estimates are anything to go by.

TechCrunch have wrapped things up pretty nicely with this post showing the relative strength of the WordPress platform (although pointing out the same can be said for Google’s Blogger), which despite the suggestion to the contrary shows blogging has never really gone away.

As we’ve seen an explosion in the various social media platforms over the past few years, we’re sure that there will be spikes in popularity for all types of social Web services as they each continue to innovate and push the technology forward.

Food for thought, and as many of you prepare to tuck into a turkey dinner we’d like to wish you all a very festive and happy Thanksgiving from the team at Moreover!

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