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CNN’s social stats

CNN have been studying the ‘power of news and recommendation‘ (or ‘Pownar’ for short) looking at how readers share articles through social media and networks.  The research showed that 43% of online sharing came via social media like Facebook and Twitter, followed by email (30%), texting (15%) and instant messaging (12%).

Probably not a huge surprise as we’ve long since seen the growing relationship between traditional and newer media types, perhaps a more interesting aspect of the study was the finding that a rather small set of ‘influencers’ is responsible for the spread of the news.  The findings revealed that 87% of all shared news only accounted for 27% of all users – evidence that a minority of active Web users are driving this sharing of information.  An average user will share 13 articles a week, whilst receiving 26 stories, as highlighted before it is partly this behaviour which has pushed an increase in online news consumption in the United States.

So how do you find yourself sharing online news content? What types of news are you most likely to spread across the Web? Let us know!

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Moreover helps drive UK newspaper traffic

Great article here from paidContent:UK analysing where UK newspaper websites get their traffic from, and coming in at number five, in terms of driving traffic, is the BBC with its Moreover-powered Newstracker service.

UK Newspaper Website Visitors
UK Newspaper Website Visitors

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The figures look even more favourable for Moreover/the Beeb when you look exclusively at the UK numbers, putting search engines aside the BBC becomes the number one referring site for the British press driving over 1.2 million UK clicks in April of this year.

With the BBC determined to continue this trend, becoming a “window on the Web” and see its rate of referring click-throughs double by 2012, this is a great example of how aggregators like Moreover can work with and serve the publishers for a common good.

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Beeb outlines online operations

Last week’s BBC Open Day saw the Beeb reaffirm its commitment to the link economy and, in the process, keep driving traffic to many of the publicly funded corporation’s fiercest critics. The clickthrough numbers look pretty impressive, rising from 10 million per week in February to 12 million today – in part powered by the BBC’s partnership with Moreover, and these stats should only increase as Auntie pushes more outbound linking.

Also on the agenda was the BBC’s plans to refresh its BBC News website ahead of an expected UK General Election next spring, this “spring clean” looking to improve layout and navigation rather than introducing any new editorial content. The BBC Sport website can also expect a similar makeover as the corporation readies itself for next year’s World Cup and intends to maximise the newly acquired Football League online rights.

Read more or watch videos from the event on the BBC Internet Blog:

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Reuters loves linking

Chris Ahearn, Media President at Thomson Reuters, has spoken up in favour of the “link economy”. You may have noticed the recent ripple within the blogosphere over the issues surrounding linking and the World Wide Web, so it is certainly refreshing to hear a major publisher speak up with an understanding of how linking can be beneficial to all the parties involved.

So with that, I’ll direct to the original piece by Chris here, and recommend you follow his further musings on the matter via Twitter @cjahearn (not forgetting if you want the very latest from us at Moreover be sure to follow @moreovertech).

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