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The company that slays together stays together.

Nothing like a bit of armed combat to make a company closer! This week, Moreover’s Dayton office was graced by our sales and development teams from around the globe. Monday night we played laser tag. Despite creative interpretations of the rules by one side, the US and the UK/Client Services/Australian teams tied with 1 game a piece.

Congratulations to Rick who had the high score of the night. Thanks to Laser Quest for having us and to those that organized the trip for making it a smashing success.

Moreover Laser Quest

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In the news this week: cats, jams and miners

Looking through our most clicked links this week and it seems the sorry tale of Coventry’s most famous cat really captured the imagination, or clicks, over the past seven days:

Woman who dumped cat in wheelie bin traced by RSPCA
Birmingham Evening Mail

To be expected anything making the news like this soon took on a life of its own online, with the initial outrage now subsiding somewhat into more a source of humour.

Round the other side of the world, and also generating plenty of clicks, was the story of the Chilean miners who, rather than being stuck in a wheelie bin for 16 hours, are trapped 2,300ft underground for nearly three weeks and counting:

Nasa asked to help Chile miners

That’s a story that I’m sure will stay in the news for a the next few weeks until the miners are back safely above ground. Also generating traffic this week was the mammoth traffic jam in the Chinese capital Beijing, standing at 60 miles long with a nine-day queue I’m sure it left plenty of people wondering if walking might have been quicker!

These are some of our most popular click-throughs but what were your favourite news pieces this past week? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Happy Halloween from Moreover!

Have a great Halloween weekend, if you’re out reveling tonight or tomorrow make sure you have a festive and safe celebration unlike these party-goers in Baltimore..

‘Haunted house’ gets a little scarier
Baltimore Sun Oct 27 2009 12:26PM GMT


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