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Well-organized digital content leads to employee, customer contentment

Organized or Overwhelmed? Almost universally, employees feel frustrated and overwhelmed when they can’t put their hands on needed business intelligence quickly.

Compounding the situation today is the widespread expectation that people will be able to find and share information rapidly, given the rise of digital files and explosion of mobile as well as on-site communication and collaboration options.

In a paper world, hours or even days might have been the accepted standard. Now, it’s often minutes—or even seconds.

A clear message emerges from all this: Information that’s well-organized and easily accessible by all authorized users will drive up employee productivity and customer satisfaction ratings.

Conversely, employees underperforming for any reason, including frustration over lack of organization, are costing companies a lot of time, which translates into money.

World-famous Gallup, the polling company, notes that in an average organization, 40% of employees aren’t performing optimally (based on a ratio of 1.5 engaged for every 1 disengaged employee). In contrast, world-class organizations have an 8:1 ratio, according to Gallup findings.

Other findings show that when someone is interrupted by a distraction, such as trying to find information in a disorganized venue, it takes roughly a half-hour to get back on track.

Conversely, according to a survey from the Global intelligence Alliance (GIA), a global market intelligence firm, “Systematically organized market intelligence operations report time savings of at least 1.5 hours per week per end-user…about 9.5 days a year per end-user.”

That’s a lot of money annually PER employee. This addresses the importance of having an organized, digital way to access and use information. In content aggregation, monitoring and sharing, this leads to several conclusions:

1. Having a single-source provider of all business intelligence—news, social media, and even non-feed articles—helps companies organize and keep track better than when multiple suppliers are involved;

2. Digital trumps paper in so many ways—speed of getting information in and sending it out, mobile access, ability to filter and refine relevant business intelligence from huge numbers of sources, articles and posts…the list goes on and on;

3. User-friendly digital distribution tools play a major role in the well-organized workplace. Ability to capture and re-distribute business intelligence rapidly and reliably saves time, money…and sanity.

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Apple eyes publishers?

We blogged towards the end of last year about the prototype for an Sports Illustrated tablet and with ever increasing anticipation surrounding Apple’s entry to this market, the possibilities for digital publishing look interesting.

The Guardian considers the prospect of iTunes becoming a global gateway for online micropayments to allow a fast and simple way for users to access online content. Could the business model that has proved so successful for music lend itself to publishing?

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The future of print?

Sports Illustrated have unveiled a prototype of a rather snazzy looking tablet device capable of displaying rich SI content in the form of a digital magazine.

The video shows off the range of functionality the tablet should be capable off, a touch screen with plenty of customisable features to display photos, videos and interactive options certainly all looks very impressive, which could define where magazines are to go in an increasingly digital age.

Can we expect the SI Tablet to be on many a Christmas wish list sometime in the new decade or is something like the new Guardian iPhone app the future for digitalised content? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and in the meantime have a very Merry Christmas, we’ll be back in the New Year with more from the world of Moreover and beyond!

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