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Metabase Portal feature enhancements

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s Newsdesk update, we are pleased to announce the release of an updated search tab within the Metabase Portal:

Moreover developed the new Search functionality at the request of our clients, to expand on the search options we provide across our Source Lists.  This option enables our clients to submit Source Lists to determine whether Moreover is already harvesting specific sites in the News Metabase and/or Social Media Metabase.

The tool provides either exact or partial matches.  Where a link is not matched precisely, but the domain is part of our index, this will appear as a partial result.

All results returned provide the relevant source information and metadata as found in the other tabs within the Metabase Portal by clicking the grey button next to each result.  The Feed Class column defines whether the matched entry is part of the News Metabase or Social Media Metabase.

We hope this additional functionality will really show off our sources lists and let us know should you have any questions or feedback!

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Social Media Portal ponderings…

As we are all rather pleased with our new beaming Social Media Metabase Portal then it can only be expected that we’re keen to put it through its paces and see what interesting stats are possible to glean from it.

Of interest is to take a quick look at the figures surrounding the major blogging platforms. In particular, five of the bigger ones, namely WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, LiveJournal and MySpace. One comparison being to look at is the average number posts per feed over the last 30 days for each platform:

  • Blogger : 0.46
  • LiveJournal : 0.25
  • MySpace : 0.08
  • TypePad : 0.42
  • WordPress : 0.45

As can be seen Blogger, TypePad and WordPress all run pretty close when it comes to the average post count, with LiveJournal lagging somewhat behind, and MySpace propping up the list averaging just 0.08 posts per feed a day. As MySpace is primarily a social networking service, rather than blogging platform, it is less surprising to see it coming in at the bottom there but anyone care to speculate why LiveJournal users seem to be less prolific bloggers than the rest?

If we then compare similar figures from blogs to microblogs, we see a real contrast between the two feed classes:

In terms of raw figures microblogs make up just over 7.5% of the feed count, when compared with blogs, but return a whopping 69% percent of the posts in the same comparison. Or blogs return an average of 0.43 posts per feed daily and microblogs a hefty 12.45 average daily posts. The very nature of the two media types offers a simple explanation behind the stats here, but it still remains a fascinating comparison between the ease and simplicity of microblogging when set against the more considered nature of blogging.

With plenty of other trends and number crunching possible with the portal we keep an eye out for any figures that grab us and be sure to share!

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New Customer Portal for Social Media Metabase

We are pleased and excited to announce the release of our radiant new Social Media Metabase customer portal. The new portal is a full re-write of the previous version and accompanies the dramatic increase in recent months of the number of feeds and different types of social media covered by Moreover. Today’s release underlines our commitment to providing our customers the most comprehensive – and best supported – social media monitoring index available.

The portal is updated daily and provides detailed information of Moreover’s coverage of the social Web, including source lists and numbers of posts over time. Customers can then use a number of filters and criteria to create custom lists and drill down even deeper. This complete insight into Moreover’s continually expanding social media universe provides customers with detailed, complementary information to help manage, prioritize and communicate all the media covered by the Metabase service.

The portal allows for fully configurable source lists to search and browse sources, or mix-and-match filters and feed classes to drill down and view custom sets of feeds to see exactly what is covered by publishing platform, rank, country, language, and more. It is also possible to view and contrast the share of feeds and posts with the Social Media Metabase by various criteria:

Feed and post stats over time display data for the past 30 days, including average posts per day and per feed:

Drilling down deeper still customers can select additional filters to query the data by, and view detailed statistics for the last 30 days. Over time, we will be adding more features to this portal, including News Metabase coverage, API documentation, and customer service options.

Should you be interested in learning more about any Moreover product then please fill out our free trial request form here.

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Moreover Technologies is a 2011 SIIA CODiE Awards Finalist

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