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CNN’s social stats

CNN have been studying the ‘power of news and recommendation‘ (or ‘Pownar’ for short) looking at how readers share articles through social media and networks.  The research showed that 43% of online sharing came via social media like Facebook and Twitter, followed by email (30%), texting (15%) and instant messaging (12%).

Probably not a huge surprise as we’ve long since seen the growing relationship between traditional and newer media types, perhaps a more interesting aspect of the study was the finding that a rather small set of ‘influencers’ is responsible for the spread of the news.  The findings revealed that 87% of all shared news only accounted for 27% of all users – evidence that a minority of active Web users are driving this sharing of information.  An average user will share 13 articles a week, whilst receiving 26 stories, as highlighted before it is partly this behaviour which has pushed an increase in online news consumption in the United States.

So how do you find yourself sharing online news content? What types of news are you most likely to spread across the Web? Let us know!

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BBC on news and social media

The BBC World Service director, Peter Horrocks, has spoken on how social media and news are becoming ever inter-linked and how the two forms of media can compliment each other. This comes after the Beeb has told journalists to make use of social media, holding the view that the new forms of technology are changing the way journalism operates.

Horrocks describes social media as a vital source of a opinions and voices, along with the credibility that audience driven content brings with it. And with that brings a new understanding and appreciation of social media for the BBC, who just last year remained cautious over its use.

It is great to see a leading news outlet as the BBC embrace social media in such a way, following in the footsteps of CNN who during a recent site redesign have also tightly integrated user-generated content into their news content.

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Twitter Lists making the news

Twitter Lists have been generating plenty of buzz this past week since their launch at the end of October, and it’s fascinating to watch the many ways they are being used in such a short space of time.

Mashable have published a piece on how news outfits are really running with this new feature, such as creating staff lists and gathering registers on favoured Twitterers. The New York Times staff list, already including 96 staffers, looks like a great resource for finding insightful tweets plus shows the NYT understands the boundaries between traditional news and social media are increasingly blurred.

In the UK The Guardian has created a handy list of Members of Parliament, so if you want to quiz your local MP on their expenses the Guardian’s list could be a good place to find them! Similarly CNN has curated a list featuring politicians involved in November 3 elections.

Any other particularly noteworthy news lists out there? The value seems to lie in creating filtered, specific lists that can that provide relevant information without all the noise and for the publisher there is always the potential to drive more traffic to their site.

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