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“Qs” to help evaluate social media monitoring aggregators

Posted by Chad

Transparency and track record are extremely important criteria for selecting and staying with a social media monitoring and aggregation company. Anyone can make any claims about anything at any time, but how do they document them?

It’s a very slippery slope, as social media monitoring aggregator’s work 24/7 to find and promote their latest competitive edge. As everyone knows, the more you’re scrambling for the top spot, the greater the likelihood of exaggerated or downright false claims.

That said, there are three “Qs” that will help define the best social media monitoring solution  partner for you. They are: Quantity, Quality, Questioning.

Quantity & Quality

This is much trickier than it seems at first glance. For example, Moreover Technologies, just achieved a milestone of actively monitoring 2.5 million-plus independent social media feeds. That’s more than triple the 750,000 active feeds just a year ago, and positions Moreover Technologies as a strong force in the social media monitoring space.

But quantity without quality means nothing. You can have the highest quantity in the world, but if a substantial portion of the feeds are spam, dead blogs and adult blogs, you’re working at cross-purposes. It makes it that much harder to find real-time relevant information.

So, while we are adding to the total feed base, we’re also deleting material that doesn’t meet our spam-free White List standards. In fact, we just eliminated 125,000 feeds that had not posted in the last six months or were not posting original content.


Don’t take our claims or anyone else’s at face value. This is where transparency and track record become very important. A legitimate claim should be factually provable via some type of transparent data. For example, we can document our total number of feeds, and show you the ones that we’ve taken off the White List.

Track record brings historical performance data into view. If a company has a long history of providing accurate and verifiable information, it enhances the likelihood of a continuing tradition. On the other hand, if a company hasn’t been around long enough to have amassed a substantial track record, or has been called out for providing inflated data, it’s more likely to continue this process. After all, habits—both good and bad—are hard to break.

By seeking to understand quantity and quality of the social media monitoring data provided, then asking lots of questions to verify legitimacy and long-term consistency, you will get a social media monitoring solution that will perform today, tomorrow, and long beyond.

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Making the grade – Meeting the Criteria For Online Media Intelligence Providers

Periodically, it’s important for every company to grade itself and determine how it stacks up to the competition.  A Media Monitoring company has released a video detailing the six criteria they view as critical to selecting an “online media intelligence partner.”  We decided to address our performance using these six criteria.  Rather than grade ourselves, however, we thought it would be more useful and meaningful if you grade us based on our responses below.  So, here goes:

Coverage: 2.2 million+ sources returning 2.2 million  news and social media results daily through a unified portal; ability to find non-feed-based content (e.g., academic and government sites, research group reports, company websites) by going out and collecting influential sources not on the RSS radar; delves into 800+ searchable industry categories spanning 100+ countries and 50+ languages.

Relevance: Sophisticated, cutting-edge filtering and refinement tools and an editorial review team weed out irrelevant information and spam quickly; intuitive, user-friendly search tools enable users to pinpoint their most relevant news and social media content rapidly; industry-leading “feed of feeds” using the Web’s original ping server ensures returning real-time relevant results.

Speed: Not only does the powerful ping server reliably gather results fast, easy-to-use tools are in place to share information rapidly via customized newsletter, email alerts, and feed sharing tools; Fortune 500 clients and the world’s leading media monitoring agencies depend on Moreover to be fast, fresh, and focused.

Analytics/Analysis: An easily learned and operated dashboard provides capability to access massive global content and filter it down to the “best of the best” results–making research and development efforts less laborious, and much more accurate and relevant; offers on-the-fly analysis (e.g., mentions of companies, people, products, events and stock tickers); enables creation and sharing of charts to simplify presentation of R&D information.

Account Service: Help is available via both phone and email; experienced professionals can help with everything from troubleshooting to training, adding new sources to assessing best ways to maximize client value; besides automated filtering and scrubbing, real people provide editorial review—enhancing both quality and quantity of content.

Adaptability: An entire suite of media monitoring and market & competitive intelligence solutions offers maximum choice and flexibility in how information is gathered, refined and shared; a comprehensive client service team stands ready to provide further customization; R&D to enhance and expand services based on client feedback is ongoing and omnipresent.

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What’s new in Newsdesk 4, Dec 2010

Since the October release of Newsdesk 4 our engineering team have been busy testing, tweaking and generally playing with things under the hood, adding more functionality to make Newsdesk an essential media monitoring tool.

The latest version now offers the ability to chart multiple feeds across all media types:

Charts can be saved and edited from My Content, as well as being exportable in CSV format.  Pick from a variety of graph styles, then click and drag your way around the chart to isolate peaks in coverage and discover all the articles on any given day.  This capability allows users to compare and spot trends over a wide range of media types, along with the Moreover‘s comprehensive filters and facets.

It is also possible to add charts to your Dashboard, alongside your other important saved feeds:

All in all we are very excited with the way Newsdesk is shaping up, and expect much more to come as we race into 2011 ready to keep pushing ourselves forward!  Drop us any comments below or request a free trial here.

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Newsdesk 4 measures up

An independent review of our all-new Newsdesk 4 in FreePint’s November VIP Report reveals that this cutting-edge discovery and sharing service is fulfilling its promise.

In her conclusion, author Penny Crossland summarizes, “Newsdesk4 is a powerful search tool, providing users with links to global and authoritative sources on the web. One of its many strengths lies in the myriad of social media sources it aggregates. Searching is user-friendly and numerous filters result in targeted results – considerably more targeted than any web search engine could produce…The email and newsletter facilities make Newsdesk4 a useful tool for sharing information within corporations.”

Report excerpts confirm Newsdesk 4’s strong performance as a news and social media content search and sharing solution that “appeals to both end-users and experienced business searchers, by using standard search engine facilities and faceted search tools.” Areas addressed include:

Overall functionality and enhancements—

“Newsdesk 4 uses new technology, an improved search engine and incorporates several new features such as increased faceted search capabilities, more filters to refine searches and analytical tools…It is a particularly useful tool for media monitoring, corporate marketing and marketing communications departments and can be embedded into corporate intranets…”

Breadth and depth of social media and news coverage—

“Newsdesk 4’s social media coverage is impressive…news coverage spans numerous industry sectors…According to the vendor around 40,000 online news sources are monitored, however there is an overlap between sources when it comes to sector coverage. Analysed by industry sector, the number of sources is considerably more, reaching around 90,000.”

Global reach and presence—

“Customers are able to search for news from 148 regions, sub-regions or countries…this category also includes major cities… Newsdesk 4’s search facility covers an impressive range of languages.”

Real-time relevancy—

“Newsdesk4’s strength lies in its near real-time access to news.”

User-friendly look and feel—

“The Newsdesk 4 interface has an attractive layout and is easy to navigate. Despite a wealth of sources, categories and search facilities, the portal does not feel overcrowded.”

Robust search tools—

“…a relevancy slider, which scores articles against keywords used in a search, allows users to zoom in on the most relevant stories…I particularly liked the ‘refine’ function on the right hand side of the screen. This bar displays results according to 13 criteria, which can be used to further filter results…Advanced Search optionsare all intuitive to use and self-explanatory.”

Flexible sharing options—

“At this point it is possible to clip articles to feeds or drag and drop them into feeds. The email button on the results screen allows customers to forward stories on to colleagues…The email tab on the interface enables users to set up and manage email alerts and to create custom newsletters.”

The complete Report is now available for FREE download on our website.

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Moreover Technologies rolls out all-new Newsdesk 4

Gives users unified portal access to millions of news and social media results daily, cutting-edge faceted search and filtering tools.

Media aggregator Moreover Technologies announces the release of its all-new Newsdesk 4 real-time news and social media discovery, refinement and sharing service.  Newsdesk 4 gives users unified portal access to millions of daily news articles and social media posts, and ability to refine results immediately using comprehensive cutting-edge faceted search and filtering tools.

“Users can capture combined news and social media coverage all in one place, then rapidly slice and dice searches in ways that will pinpoint only what they need, and discard the rest,” emphasizes Paul J. Farrell, Moreover Technologies President.

Product Manager Brian Mackie adds, “We’ve focused on the top concerns voiced by clients – ability to easily and rapidly find, process and share information.  This SaaS application enables users to drill down fast to the best and most relevant search results, decide if or how to modify them, then share them easily while they’re still fresh and focused on the burning issues of the day.”

Newsdesk 4 previewers have cited ease of use of the Newsdesk 4 dashboard tools, intuitive search capabilities, and fast finding of needed content.  Among discussion forum comments are: “…design is real well done,” “…very elegant application,” “…from what I’m seeing, plug and play for us,” and “…you guys are going to do great with this product…It’s a home run.”

Newsdesk 4 meets five major media aggregation aims:

  • Provides multiple ways to find relevant content – including faceted search; category filters; source filters; relevance and rank filters, on the fly (e.g., mentions of companies, people, products, events and stock ticker), and pre-canned searches with cross-referencing to enable targeting relevant information without frustrating trial-and-error.
  • Unifies the search for both real-time news and social media through a single conduit.
  • Captures the depth and breadth of the best read, most highly regarded coverage demanded by the world’s largest companies (2.5 million results daily from more than 1.7 million-plus sources spanning 800 searchable industry categories, 100-plus countries and 50-plus languages).
  • Returns clean, spam-free results that have been editorially vetted.
  • Offers easy-to-use sharing tools that empower rapid and reliable distribution, including automated newsletters, email alerts and ability to maintain editorial control of feeds shared.

Mackie elaborates, “Search options abound. You can look for headlines, languages, locations, individual sources, and result digests summarized by various criteria which can be further refined.  You can conduct very user-friendly Boolean searches.  While sophisticated and intuitive, Newsdesk 4 also is simple and straightforward, appropriate for everyone from power users to novices.”

Newsdesk 4’s intelligence-gathering capabilities enhance strategic, tactical and operational decision-making that scales for small and enterprise businesses alike, according to Rossen Roussev, Moreover Technologies’ Vice President, Enterprise Strategy and Business Solutions.

Roussev, former External Intelligence Chief at Royal Dutch Shell, attests that Newsdesk saved his company $5 million in one year, due substantially to consolidating a variety of media monitoring vendor contracts under Moreover Technologies.

He identifies a variety of intelligence-related uses, including ability to: create an early-warning system for threats, identify emerging opportunities, compare performance and sentiments across regions, countries and competitors, refine messaging to help achieve business and communications objectives, and share all pertinent information with the right people through user-friendly distribution channels.

“Newsdesk 4 gives you a myriad of ways to find information you weren’t even looking for – such as negative information that can damage reputation, but has remained off the radar,” Mackie points out.

For more information, contact Brian Mackie, bmackie(at)moreover(dot)com.

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In the news this week: cats, jams and miners

Looking through our most clicked links this week and it seems the sorry tale of Coventry’s most famous cat really captured the imagination, or clicks, over the past seven days:

Woman who dumped cat in wheelie bin traced by RSPCA
Birmingham Evening Mail

To be expected anything making the news like this soon took on a life of its own online, with the initial outrage now subsiding somewhat into more a source of humour.

Round the other side of the world, and also generating plenty of clicks, was the story of the Chilean miners who, rather than being stuck in a wheelie bin for 16 hours, are trapped 2,300ft underground for nearly three weeks and counting:

Nasa asked to help Chile miners

That’s a story that I’m sure will stay in the news for a the next few weeks until the miners are back safely above ground. Also generating traffic this week was the mammoth traffic jam in the Chinese capital Beijing, standing at 60 miles long with a nine-day queue I’m sure it left plenty of people wondering if walking might have been quicker!

These are some of our most popular click-throughs but what were your favourite news pieces this past week? Let us know in the comments section below.

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NYT on Techmeme

New York Times has done a nice write-up here on technology news aggregator Techmeme, the site which geeks and industry leaders flock to daily. As Techmeme evolves and introduces the human touch, alongside its traditional software algorithms, to collect news and blog posts the Times sees potential in this aggregation model more than just the tech sector.

Techmeme could become a model for other industries as a useful way to harness the increasingly unwieldy Web and arm readers who are preparing for business meetings or cocktail parties. Techmeme, a start-up company based in San Francisco, also publishes aggregation sites for politics, celebrity gossip and baseball, and hopes to expand to topics like business or energy.

Industry-specific aggregators like Techmeme provide focused, grouped news stories which can be essential for readers requiring a succinct digest of the main topics of the day. With aggregators often getting a bad press, it is refreshing to see the benefits they offer being discussed and encouraged not only for readers but for publishers too.

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