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FT: New Thomson Reuters Service To Rely On Moreover Technologies For Data

The Financial Times today broke the story that Thomson Reuters is to offer traders a service that analyzes millions of websites for signals to trigger trading strategies, led by growing demand for investment firms to leverage online news and discussion.  The service will rely on information delivered by Moreover Technologies.

Read the full article at

Thomson Reuters pushes trading into social media
Financial Times – Philip Stafford – Mar 7 at 5:08 GMT

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March 7, 2012 at 11:31 am 1 comment

Note to Original Free Feed Users – And A Big Word of Thanks!

Dear free feed users –

After much discussion, we recently took the decision that it was finally time to retire the original free news feeds. We’ve been serving our free feeds since 1999 (ahh, those halcyon pre-bubble-burst days), and it’s not without a touch of sadness that we call time on the service. We recently placed a notice at the top of the news feeds to try and alert our users that the service was going away.

The reason for the decision, in a nutshell, is that Moreover Technologies’ future lies with the enterprise market, where we’ve successfully provided media intelligence services for many years. In these economically challenging times, it no longer made sense for us to bear the running costs of the original free feeds.

So we wish to salute all our loyal news feed fans over the years!! We definitely made some waves when we launched our news aggregation  service way back when, I guess you could say you caught one with us.  Sorry we had to stop.

For those who are interested, we do have a fantastic enterprise offering, including high quality news feeds with many refining features. Contact us if you would like to find out more, on +1 703 650 1400 (US), +44 (0)20 7253 5003 (UK), email, or visit our website at

Again, we wish to thank you for your loyalty and support during all these years, and encourage you to consider our enterprise service as an excellent alternative.

The Team at Moreover

February 8, 2012 at 2:34 pm 3 comments

Moreover Newsdesk New Features Update 01 Dec ’11

We had our usual Newsdesk bi-weekly point release yesterday, here’s the summary…

  • We’ve added user-level usage info to the new Admin section, showing nr of saved feeds / dashboard widgets / exported feeds / email alerts / newsletters
  • Broadcast clips now show on a newly designed, much nicer looking page, with transcript text next to the  clip. You can search US and UK broadcast alongside any other media type such as online news, blogs, social media or PDF print.

Newsdesk broadcast clip example

  • On internal systems, we’ve extended premium content permissioning options down to user level (previously were at global account level), meaning specific users within an organization can receive licensed premium content while other users just access the standard search.
  • Searching over blogs now includes blog comments where available (you can exclude them via the Refine panel)
  • Various cosmetic improvements:
    • The relevancy slider now sits at the top of the Refine panel
    • The search result counts now show large numbers with commas (or dots depending on country)
    • We trimmed the little button cluster at the top of the Refine panel section so it’s cleaner
    • The row heights in the email / newsletter / email manager lists are now nicely uniform
  • You can now add a Yammer widget to your Dashboard showing latest colleague comments  – just go to the “My Content” folder’s drop-down menu to add it (an optional feature for those with a Yammer account)

We hope you like the latest additions. If you’re not a client and want to find out more then here’s the link. Ciao for now!

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Moreover Newsdesk New Features Update 17 Nov ’11

Here’s an update on the latest feature enhancements from yesterday’s Newsdesk point release.

Content is indeed king in the world of media intelligence (as indeed Bill Gates mused in 1996), so we put some of our attention this sprint on helping customers see exactly which sources we cover and how we rank them.

Here’s the full summary:

  • A brand new “Coverage” section: A whole new area devoted to showing clients exactly which sources we index, and how we classify them, adding context to media analytics and giving confidence that we have key media covered.  We’ll be building this out in the coming weeks to add more info and global harvesting stats.

Moreover Newsdesk Source Detail

  • Yammer and Twitter integration: Now you can post links to Yammer, the enterprise social network service. You can also Tweet articles.

    Moreover Newsdesk Yammer Post

  • Spanish helpfile: The helpfile is now available in Spanish, completing the Spanish user interface we released two weeks ago.
  • A new Usage Stats section:  We’ve also introduced a new stats section for Newsdesk admin users. Now you can see login activity across the account, view active users, and help get a gauge on ROI.

We hope you like the latest installment. If you’re not a client and want to find out more then here’s the link. Talk to you again in two weeks time!

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Moreover Newsdesk New Features Update 03 Nov ’11

Every other Thursday we release an update to Newsdesk, our media monitoring and enterprise news sharing service.

We’ve added some great new features based on customer feedback, and we’re especially pleased to introduce a case sensitive search option along with the ability to specify that your search terms must appear within the first X words of the articles.

Here’s this week’s full product update summary:

  • Spanish interface: We now have a fully-fledged Spanish interface, which our client services team can switch on for entire accounts or just for individual users. (In due course we will make this an end-user setting so users can control it themselves.)
  • New search options: Several new excellent search options on the newly named “Emphasis” filter (previously “Headline” filter) that can really help you zoom in on search terms and boost the relevancy of the results:
    • Users can now select if they only want to search within the first X words of the article (first 100, 200, 500 words etc).
    • You can now set the search to be case sensitive, so for instance “Shell” will match to “Shell” but not “shell”.
    • And you can make the case sensitive search also be accented character sensitive, so e.g. “Nestlé” will only match “Nestlé”, not “Nestle” or “nestle”.
    • The headline search options are still there as well of course. Here’s a screenshot:
Newsdesk Media Monitoring new Emphasis filter

Newsdesk Media Monitoring new Emphasis filter

  • We’re also now showing Twitter user’s pictures (“avatars”) alongside the search results.
  • We’ve made it a little easier to select folders when you save a search by showing the tree structure.
  • The search results will now show you how old a story is in number of weeks, instead of just “1 month old”, to make it a bit clearer.
  • Users can now delete up to a maximum of 2000 articles from a feed. Users can continue to delete stories, but after 2000 the oldest story will be undeleted to make way for the new one.
We hope our customers enjoy these latest updates, and stay tuned for our next release in two weeks time!

November 4, 2011 at 10:13 am 1 comment

Moreover at Social Media Results Conference

Yesterday, Brian Mackie from Moreover Technologies attended the Social Media Results “From Engagement To ROI” conference in London.

Several good speakers and insights, and it was certainly worth hearing how big brands and smaller ones are engaging social media—be it to get their marketing messages out, drive traffic, give customers information, improve support, be a voice, be human, and to just be trying and testing.

“Trying stuff” was one of the key themes, along with shoe-string budgets, small and/or voluntary teams, and lots of upward curving Facebook fans and Twitter-follower charts (but less sense of what that really means).

Indeed, the overall impression was that hard-nosed ROI remains pretty elusive. The scattershot and ad-hoc approaches were evident too when considering all the initiatives by the participating companies together.

This experimenting is not surprising. These are all recent technologies that are very much evolving, with new services coalescing out of new services all the time (e.g., Jeremy White’s example of phone app Loopt).

But instead of settling down, the pace is only increasing, as Will McInnes from NixonMcInnes showed. Experimentation, with inevitable and frequent failure as well as success, is a new norm in marketing.

You’ve got to be in it to win it, but you still have to decide how much and for what – back to ROI again. But can you
or should you really measure all of it in a traditional bottom line way? Not all agreed.

Here’s a quick digest of some of the impressions we picked up –

Most inspiring: Will McInnes from NixonMcInnes, for including John Boyd’s OODA loop, referring to a book titled, “Employees First, Customers Second,” and postulating —with evidence— that in the future our brains will all link up. Crazy indeed.

Most business sense: Giles Dunning of Barclaycard, for having proper business structure with emphasis on measuring and returns (they are a bank), for comments such as “measure, don’t monitor,” “test and learn, not test and leave.”

Most experimental: Jimmy Leach of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, who is choosing to get on and do rather than measure (“difficult”), and for jettisoning traditional websites.

Most shocking revelation: Tom Hall from Lonely Planet—doesn’t have a Facebook page. Collective gasp.

Sound advice: Per Jeremy White of Phones 4u, you probably don’t want to outsource your “voice” to an agency.

Most genuine video:  Gary Vaynerchuck’s 2 cents.

Most climactic video: Cisco’s Big Things Are Happening promo.

Least likely to lead to a sale for us: Fergus Boyd from Virgin Atlantic: “The marketing agencies are circling, beware.”

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The Microsoft-Skype deal: Why and What For in a picture

We ran a quick search on the Microsoft Skype deal through our Newsdesk 4 analytics engine, to produce the following theme cloud. The search is over approximately 10,000 news articles from the last 4 days, from about 25,000 English language sources, any country.

The analysis picks up on products mentioned across these articles. The graph simultaneously highlights why Microsoft purchased Skype -witness the iPhone and all the Google related services- and how it plugs into its own line of products: Windows Phone, Xbox, Kinect, etc.

May 12, 2011 at 11:06 am 1 comment

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