Moreover at Social Media Results Conference

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Yesterday, Brian Mackie from Moreover Technologies attended the Social Media Results “From Engagement To ROI” conference in London.

Several good speakers and insights, and it was certainly worth hearing how big brands and smaller ones are engaging social media—be it to get their marketing messages out, drive traffic, give customers information, improve support, be a voice, be human, and to just be trying and testing.

“Trying stuff” was one of the key themes, along with shoe-string budgets, small and/or voluntary teams, and lots of upward curving Facebook fans and Twitter-follower charts (but less sense of what that really means).

Indeed, the overall impression was that hard-nosed ROI remains pretty elusive. The scattershot and ad-hoc approaches were evident too when considering all the initiatives by the participating companies together.

This experimenting is not surprising. These are all recent technologies that are very much evolving, with new services coalescing out of new services all the time (e.g., Jeremy White’s example of phone app Loopt).

But instead of settling down, the pace is only increasing, as Will McInnes from NixonMcInnes showed. Experimentation, with inevitable and frequent failure as well as success, is a new norm in marketing.

You’ve got to be in it to win it, but you still have to decide how much and for what – back to ROI again. But can you
or should you really measure all of it in a traditional bottom line way? Not all agreed.

Here’s a quick digest of some of the impressions we picked up –

Most inspiring: Will McInnes from NixonMcInnes, for including John Boyd’s OODA loop, referring to a book titled, “Employees First, Customers Second,” and postulating —with evidence— that in the future our brains will all link up. Crazy indeed.

Most business sense: Giles Dunning of Barclaycard, for having proper business structure with emphasis on measuring and returns (they are a bank), for comments such as “measure, don’t monitor,” “test and learn, not test and leave.”

Most experimental: Jimmy Leach of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, who is choosing to get on and do rather than measure (“difficult”), and for jettisoning traditional websites.

Most shocking revelation: Tom Hall from Lonely Planet—doesn’t have a Facebook page. Collective gasp.

Sound advice: Per Jeremy White of Phones 4u, you probably don’t want to outsource your “voice” to an agency.

Most genuine video:  Gary Vaynerchuck’s 2 cents.

Most climactic video: Cisco’s Big Things Are Happening promo.

Least likely to lead to a sale for us: Fergus Boyd from Virgin Atlantic: “The marketing agencies are circling, beware.”

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