Newsdesk 4 measures up

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An independent review of our all-new Newsdesk 4 in FreePint’s November VIP Report reveals that this cutting-edge discovery and sharing service is fulfilling its promise.

In her conclusion, author Penny Crossland summarizes, “Newsdesk4 is a powerful search tool, providing users with links to global and authoritative sources on the web. One of its many strengths lies in the myriad of social media sources it aggregates. Searching is user-friendly and numerous filters result in targeted results – considerably more targeted than any web search engine could produce…The email and newsletter facilities make Newsdesk4 a useful tool for sharing information within corporations.”

Report excerpts confirm Newsdesk 4’s strong performance as a news and social media content search and sharing solution that “appeals to both end-users and experienced business searchers, by using standard search engine facilities and faceted search tools.” Areas addressed include:

Overall functionality and enhancements—

“Newsdesk 4 uses new technology, an improved search engine and incorporates several new features such as increased faceted search capabilities, more filters to refine searches and analytical tools…It is a particularly useful tool for media monitoring, corporate marketing and marketing communications departments and can be embedded into corporate intranets…”

Breadth and depth of social media and news coverage—

“Newsdesk 4’s social media coverage is impressive…news coverage spans numerous industry sectors…According to the vendor around 40,000 online news sources are monitored, however there is an overlap between sources when it comes to sector coverage. Analysed by industry sector, the number of sources is considerably more, reaching around 90,000.”

Global reach and presence—

“Customers are able to search for news from 148 regions, sub-regions or countries…this category also includes major cities… Newsdesk 4’s search facility covers an impressive range of languages.”

Real-time relevancy—

“Newsdesk4’s strength lies in its near real-time access to news.”

User-friendly look and feel—

“The Newsdesk 4 interface has an attractive layout and is easy to navigate. Despite a wealth of sources, categories and search facilities, the portal does not feel overcrowded.”

Robust search tools—

“…a relevancy slider, which scores articles against keywords used in a search, allows users to zoom in on the most relevant stories…I particularly liked the ‘refine’ function on the right hand side of the screen. This bar displays results according to 13 criteria, which can be used to further filter results…Advanced Search optionsare all intuitive to use and self-explanatory.”

Flexible sharing options—

“At this point it is possible to clip articles to feeds or drag and drop them into feeds. The email button on the results screen allows customers to forward stories on to colleagues…The email tab on the interface enables users to set up and manage email alerts and to create custom newsletters.”

The complete Report is now available for FREE download on our website.

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